Surrey sisters cook with smoked salmon for family seafood business

SURREY — As sisters who grew up in the family fishing business, Katherine Hamill and Ainsley Denike know their way around a ship’s galley.

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Chris Gailus @chrisgailus

You better bring some back! RT @Geoff_Hastings: @chrisgailus we are moments away from sampling space jerky @westcoastselect

Chris Hadfield @Cmdr_Hadfield

@westcoastselect - thanks, it will be great to bring such a great a taste of Canada to my crewmates on the Space Station

Global BC News Hour: Salmon in space

Tuesday, Oct 23, 2012

A local seafood company is contributing to orbital eating. As Geoff Hastings reports, their salmon jerky is out of this world.

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    Press Release – Salmon that's out of this world

    VANCOUVER, Oct. 22, 2012

    When we initially think about a flight to outer space, the last thing that might pop to mind is "what's for dinner?", but over the past few decades dining in space has evolved from relatively inedible food substitutions to gourmet cuisine. In the 1960's, astronauts depended solely on semi-liquid pastes that were squeezed from tubes. Compare that to today's delectable meals prepared by celebrity chefs like Emeril Lagasse and we can truly see the monumental change. So when Canadian seafood company, Sundance Seafoods Ltd., was approached for a second time to send some of their products to space, President Michael Denike felt truly honored.

    Sundance Seafoods Ltd., West Coast Select, has one of Canada's best selection of wild Pacific smoked salmon and seafood products. In 1990 the company began in Michael's home, and since then has grown in leaps and bounds over the past 22 years to become one of the largest wholesale distributors in North America. The company's product line can be found at luxury retailers across Canada and at major Canadian airport stores and travel retailers.

    The Canadian Space Agency contacted Sundance Seafoods Ltd. as they recognized that their West Coast Select salmon jerky had been requested previously by Canadian Astronaut, Robert Thirsk. This will be the second time that West Coast Select soft-chew salmon jerky is sent up with the astronauts during their upcoming December 2012 mission to space. Each stick of jerky also contains a serving of omega 3 fatty acid which is beneficial for digestion, high blood pressure, and metabolism - to name just a few things. West Coast Select salmon jerky comes in both regular and peppered hot varieties and is the perfect snack when you're on the go in your daily life, or headed for outer space!

    The Cloverdale Source – FISH IN SPACE

    Cloverdale company's salmon is out of this world – Literally, July-August • 2009

    What do space suits and salmon jerky have in common? They are both in space right now, on the International Space Station mission Expedition 20, with Canadian astronaut Robert Thirsk and his crew members.

    Mike's Sundance Seafood in Cloverdale was approached by the Canadian Space Agency after some- one with the organization stumbled upon its product.

    The company sent samples of their West Coast Select products and after a selection process their original salmon jerky and smoked king salmon were chosen to be part of the space menu.

    The food will be delivered to the International Space Station at differ- ent times throughout the six-month mission.

    President and owner Mike Denike is very excited to have his products selected.

    "While I was growing up I was in total awe of the astronauts," Denike said. "To know my products will nourish and provide a taste of Canada on a mission fills me with pride."

    The company was started out of a home 19 years ago and it has since built a name for itself in the community.

    Mike's Sundance Seafood products can be found all over the Vancouver International Airport, at T&T Supermarkets, IGA stores, and many other retail locations all over the area.

    The company also ships to Ontario, Alberta and overseas locations. For more information on their products visit

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