Box 3 Frozen: Mixed Box


  • (2x) 200g cold smoked salmon sockeye lox
  • (2x) 227g peppered candied salmon
  • (2x) 4 pack 4oz sockeye burgers
  • (2x) 4 pack 4oz cod burgers
  • (2x) 4 pack 4oz halibut burgers

Get the BBQ ready! 2 complimentary cedar smoking planks included in every order.

Enjoy wild caught, Ocean Wise Certified, sustainably sourced, MSC Certified cold

Smoked Sockeye Salmon Lox
Rich and buttery texture. Traditionally eaten on a bagel with cream cheese. You can also add it to an appetizer board, use it in a twist on traditional egg benny, or add it to creamy pasta or topped on pizza crust with cream cheese and dill.

Peppered Candied Salmon.
This is a traditional recipe used with Keta (Chum) salmon, first it’s brined with demerara sugar, then smoked and hand rolled in fresh cracked pepper.  Delicious on its own as a snack or eaten with crackers and cream cheese. A great addition to an appetizer board or used on top of salads or added to a chowder.

Sockeye, Cod and Halibut Burgers.
These burgers are absolutely delicious and super healthy!  They are Gluten Free and Keto friendly. Made with fresh vegetables as the binder.  Cooked from frozen for 4-5min per side on the grill or in a pan.

Eaten as a traditional burger or cut into strips and enjoyed as a fish taco! They taste great cut up on top of a salad for a quick and healthy meal.


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