Box 5 Frozen: 10lb Wild Salmon & Tuna Mixed Box


  • 5 lbs Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillets (Sashimi Grade A, Boneless, Vacuum packed)
  • 5 lbs Wild Albacore Tuna Loins (Sashimi Grade A, Bone-out, Vacuum packed)

Get the BBQ ready! 2 complimentary cedar smoking planks included in every order.

Wild caught, Ocean Wise certified, sustainably sourced, MSC Certified

Boneless skin on Sockeye salmon fillets. 

Salmon sashimi Grade A, cube it up for Poke bowls or use it thinly sliced and eat it on its own with your favourite soy sauce. Perfect for the BBQ on a cedar plank (included in the box!), baked or pan seared. Beautiful rich red colour and full of health Omega 3’s. Superfood for your whole family!

Boneless Albacore Tuna Loin.

Tuna sashimi Grade A, cube it and add to a Poke bowl, or slice thinly and enjoy with your favorite soy sauce.  

Also perfect to pan sear or grill. Mild in flavour with buttery texture. 

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