Box 6 Frozen: Surf & Turf Steak


  • 1 lbs Wild BC Spot Prawns (tails only)
  • 2 x Smoked Wild Albacore Tuna Loins (1-2 lbs each)
  • 4 x Halibut Portions (4-6 oz each)
  • 4 x AAA Striploin Steak (Gotham Steak House run-off)

Get the BBQ ready! 2 complimentary cedar smoking planks included in every order.

Wild caught, Ocean Wise certified, sustainably sourced wild Local BC Spot Prawns. 

A West Coast’s delicacie with rich, buttery and sweet flavour. Enjoy these in many different ways from steaming, sauteing with butter white wine and lemon juice, or BBQing. Cook them with the shell on or off it’s up to you.

Boneless Albacore Tuna Loin. 

Tuna sashimi Grade A, cube it and add to a Poke bowl, Slice it thinly and enjoy with your favorite soy sauce. Also perfect to pan sear or grill. Mild in flavour with buttery texture.  

Our wild boneless and skinless halibut portions are perfect for a light and lean meal. Has a flakey but firm texture and a great source of Omega 3’s and low in calories and fat. 

Halibut can be cooked in many ways, baked, broiled, pan-fried, barbecued, deep-fried, or poached.

These top-quality AAA striploin New York Strip loin are tender and Lean with lots of flavour.  Perfect for the grill, pan-fried, or Sous-vide. Serve these with the Spot prawns for restaurant-style Surf and Turf at home!

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