Box 9: Charcuterie Box


  • 1- Double Smoked Strips 227gr
  • 1- Keta Peppered Candied Salmon 227gr
  • 1- Sockeye Maple Nuggets 454gr
  • 1- Original  Smoked Salmon Pate 227gr
  • 1- Smoked Salmon with Caper Spread 277gr
  • 2- Smoked Sockeye Lox 200gr each
  • 1- Bag of Prawns 1lb
  • 1- Sashimi Grade Albacore Tuna Loin

Double Smoked Sockeye Strips are Wild caught, Ocean Wise certified, sustainably sourced, and MSC Certified. 

Beautiful Sockeye belly strips.  Brined with Demerara sugar and then double smoked with Alder wood.  Rich, smokey, dense, and delicious!  Serve on an appetizer platter or just eat on its own as a snack.  

Peppered Candied Salmon uses a traditional recipe with Keta (Chum) salmon. First, it is brined with demerara sugar, then smoke and hand-rolled in fresh cracked pepper.  Delicious just on its own as a snack or eaten with crackers and cream cheese.  Also a great addition to an appetizer board or great on top of salads or added to a chowder.

Maple Nuggets are legendary!! Cubed pieces of Sockeye salmon (“Nuggets”) that are smoked halfway and then placed in barrels of 100% Pure maple syrup and then re-smoked.  The Maple syrup flavour gets locked in and provides a beautiful glaze.  These are everyone’s favorite treat! Eat these little gems just on their own or add them to an appetizer platter and enjoy with cream cheese and crackers. It’s like Candy, fancy Canadian Candy eh!

Original Smoked Salmon Pate is smooth cream cheese with fresh herbs, lemon juice, and cold-smoked sockeye salmon blended together to make the most delicious pate. Enjoy with crackers as a snack or appetizer or on a warm toasted bagel for breakfast. Warning…these are highly addictive!

Smoked salmon and Caper Spread are just like the original just jazzed up with the classic combination of briny capers.

Cold Smoked Sockeye Lox has a rich and buttery texture.  Traditionally eaten on a bagel with cream cheese but it can also be added to an appetizer board, used as a twist on traditional egg benny, added to creamy pasta, or topped on a pizza crust with cream cheese and dill.

2lb of frozen prawns.  Shelled with tails on un-cooked.  

Boneless Albacore Tuna Loin.
Tuna sashimi Grade A, cube it and add it to a Poke bowl, or slice it thinly and enjoy them with your favorite soy sauce. They are also perfect for pan sear or grill. Mild in flavour with a buttery texture.

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